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 :: Ram Krishna Dhakal & Nhyoo Bajarcharya Working Together Again
Updated: 02/22/2007
     “Orali Lagay Ko Harin Ko Chaal Bhayo” the melodious song of singer Ram Krishna Dhakal was a popular hit and most consider this particular song to be one of his best. It was one of the 8 songs included on his album “Asha” for which famous musician Nhyoo Bajarcharya has provided the music. Ram Krishna Dhakal has worked with musician Nhyoo Bajarcharya on many projects and as expected, they have achieved decent successes in them.

Now these two are once again on the verge of creating another new album hoping to accomplish the same success. They are also planning to add the famous song “Orali Lagay Ko Harin Ko Chaal Bhayo” as a remixed number on the upcoming album. According to musician Nhyoo himself, “This album is going to be totally different from the previous albums of Ram Krishna as the music composition and the music arrangements are also going to be statistically different from the previous ones”. He stated that they have already worked on four songs and the others are on the process of completion. Nhyoo explains “We are not making any hasty decisions right now nor are we doing any quick work with it but at the same time, the listeners should expect the album to hit the stands soon.”

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