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 :: Ram Krishna Dhakal: Know Him
Updated: 03/22/2007
     If there ever was a genuine ‘rags to riches’ story, no other person in the music industry personifies the above phrase better than our very own Ram Krishna Dhakal. For a young lad who started singing inside buses for passengers in Chitwan to one of the most prominent singers in the country today, he definitely has come a long way. He is also the best example that if a person has the determination and the will to achieve his/her goals, nothing is impossible. It all started off when his godfather, Gopal Karmachaya took him under his wings, made provision for his education in music and initiated ‘Dhakal Sumadhur Saanjh’ at Rastriya Sabha Ghriha in Kathmandu. Since then there has been no looking back for this humble and talented singer. Known for his exceptional good manners and closeness to his family, Ram Krishna has till date released eight very successful albums with many more surely still to come. He is probably the biggest name singing ‘adhunik’ songs in the country today. Below are some opinions on the man and his music.
Manish Dhungel (Friend)
He is a person with a very good heart. If someone helps him, he is always grateful to the person and remembers the favor throughout his life. He has struggled a lot in his life. We have been friends for a long time and at times, we even frequent bhattis to eat. He has no qualms whatsoever. The way he treats me and vice versa is different and he being an artist, he has to take his stand in various places and with various people. The way he portraits himself to me and the way he behaves with others is different and it is very natural. After his marriage, he kind of has become rather out of touch and this might be because he has a family now to take care of. I am sad to convey that there have been people who have cheated him and they are the ones whom Ram had the deepest respect and trust. The same people have let him down on various occasions.
Rajesh Payal Rai (Singer & Friend)
He is a very good friend of mine. He can justify ‘sentimental’ numbers and it won't be wrong to state that he is among the best in this category. He is a very practical man and this is something which is very nice. However, one thing which is bad in him is that he drinks a lot. It is not that we don't drink at all but he definitely should consume less alcohol. If he does this then I am pretty sure that this will do him a lot of good in both his personal and professional life.
Neelam Dhakal (Wife)
He is a loving and a caring husband and his rapport with our kid is simply great. Whenever he can, he makes sure that he gives as much time to the family as he can. I can proudly say that there are hardly any artists around who give as much time to their families as he does. He accompanies me wherever I go, be it shopping or visiting our relatives and so on. There are many around who has even started pulling his leg for spending so much time with his family. He is often cited among other fellow artists as a good example of a family man. That one nature of his which sometimes irritates me is that he is very particular about things. For instance, the towels need to be in the right place, things need to be spick and span etc.
Sambhujeet Baskota (Musician)
He is a versatile singer. He has a different tone to singing and this is something which is the best in this artist. He has a very original voice. He is also a dedicated and a friendly person. There was a time in his life when he had a very difficult time and the way he has carried on with his life is a real success tale. I still remember the times when he was too emotional and used to react over things too fast and I used to ask him to control his emotions. I also remember asking him not to copy others and he has listened to the suggestions that I have given to him.
Gopal Karmacharya (God father)
It depends on the individual to know about his/her bad aspects and if they need to be changed, one ought to change it for his/her own benefit. He is a talented man and I always wish the best for him. I hope that he does even better in the days to come. Being a good artist, he is not only representing himself to the mass but at the same time he is representing his country worldwide. Therefore, whatever that he does, he needs to think hard before making a decision and I will always pray for him and his life. I would suggest him not to do any negative deed in his life. His voice is the gift of the almighty and I would always want him to do good things in life and make us all proud.


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