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 :: Three Aagman in Ramkrishna's life: Triple Happiness
Updated: 08/06/2006
     B.S 2063 may be like any other year to many others but for singer Ram Krishna Dhakal, this year is his historical year. Why? Here are the reasons.

For the first time, Dhakal recently performed a solo concert for a noble cause. Mesmerizing his audiences with his heart touching numbers, Ram succeeded to donate more than 10 lakh rupees to the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital through the concert. Amid the function, his eighth album, "Aagman" was also released.

"A good deed is always blessed with happiness and prosperity." This phrase is presently remarkable to Dhakal's life. Not even a month after his social work, God has blessed him with a beautiful daughter, the third Aagman in Dhakal's life. "I am very excited and happy. Listening and viewing the experiences of the fatherhood of my friends are far different that actually experiencing it. I am enjoying every moment right now." Dhakal says excitedly.

Both Nilam (his wife) and the child are in perfect health. Dhakal has chosen the name 'Rani' for his daughter. Any reasons behind the name? "The first initial of the name is taken from the first two alphabets of my name (RA) while the remaining from Nilam's name (NI)" he discloses the reason. Does he aspire to make his daughter a singer like him? "Ohh, Rani has just come into this world. I don't know whether she will follow my path or not but her desire and interest will be of prior importance to me." Dhakal answers casually.

"Actually, it was planned to name my album, Aagman as a symbol that a new member is entering our family. It's been a wonderful year. I have composed songs for the first time in the album. And the most important thing is that I have been able to contribute something to my society through the social concert. Also, Rs. 2 from the cassette sales and Rs. 5 from the CD sales will be donated to the hospital." he marks with satisfaction.

Cyber Sansar team congratulates Ramkrishna and Nilam Dhakal and wishes them all the best for their new family life.

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