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 :: Gazal maestro Jagjit Singh sings Nepali Gazal
Updated: 08/12/2006
     Jagjit Singh's heart touching Hindi gazals have been continuously mesmerizing us and soothing our hearts. How would it feel to hear this legendary voice singing to Nepali words and tunes? Wouldn't that be simply great?

Yes, very talented musician Alok Shree has gifted us an opportunity to listen and enjoy the taste of Nepali gazal. He has recently completed an album where all the songs are sung by Jagjit Singh. "It was a great opportunity for me to work with such a legendary singer. But, it wasn't planned, rather it was a wonderful co-incidence." relates Alok. That may be the reason he has named the album, "Samyog" meaning coincidence in Nepali.

The album contains eight melodious songs of which six are in gazal pattern while three are in folk Nepali flavor. "Jagjit Jee liked the compositions a lot." proudly marks Alok. The album is one of the high budget Nepali albums made so far. The over all cost of the album ranged around 25 lakhs and the songs were recorded in Gunjan Studio while the vocals were recorded at Radio Vani Studio of Mumbai. The visuals of the album will hit the television screen within a couple of weeks. Amol Shrestha)

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