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 :: Alok Shree’s “Aadha Jindagi”
Updated: 12/01 /2006
     After “Samyog”, with the Gazal Samraat, “Jagjit Singh”, the spectacular musician Alok Shree is now prepared to hit the market stands with another compilation of wonderful songs and music artists.
Some months ago, with the release of “Samyog”, this marvelous musician gave the music industry with awesome songs and now this time again, he attempts to come out with an overwhelming musical gift.

With music artists like “Shaan”, “Sadhana Sargam” “Sanjeevani” “Ram Krishna Dhakal” and the 1st Nepali Tara “Deepak Limbu”, Alok Shree reminisces his “Adha Jindagi”.

That means, his upcoming album is titled “Adha Jindagi”… Why? “When people have spent their half of their lives, they are full of regrets and are usually sad but if they start thinking that just half of the life is spent and there’s still another half that’s left, they are reenergized. So, that’s why “Adha Jindagi” … like mine… I am already 32, 33 now!” he explains….

It also contains a song “Adha Jindagi” sung by Shaan.

“Adha Jindagi” is scheduled to be released on the last week of Falgun and it’s a “Surtaal music” presentation. The recording has already been completed in the “Kunjan Music” and now it is just ready to hit the stands to be the “Hot cake” in the market like “Samyog”.

The songs of “Adha Jindagi” is written by SP. Koirala and Alok Shree himself gives life to the lyrics.

Most of the Indian artists are featured in the album and people might think why? We have plenty of music artists here! This is what Mr. Alok Shree has to say, “It is just a cultural exchange and music has no limitation and boundaries.”

“Adha Jindagi” contains regular Alok Shree patterned music basically focused to typical modern with a bit of folk touch. “The songs are realistic, heart rending, touchy and soothing to ears”, remarks Alok Shree.

The album compiles wonderful artists and it’s a great combination of lyrics and music, but how much affect will “Aadha Jindagi” have on the audiences, it’s left to be seen. Prity)

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