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 :: Alok Shree Making Music For Kollywood Again
Updated: 12/27/2006
     Very few are aware of the fact that musician Alok Shree has done the music for a Kollywood movie 'Bhannai Sakina'. This was five years back! Now, he is back in business with the big picture and is doing music for another flick called 'Bidroha'.

Information has it that he has already completed half of the project. He is done with the compositions and the voice dubbings and will be leaving for Mumbai sometime early next month. In his compositions, we shall be hearing vices of Udit Narayan Jha, Sadhana Sargam and Kumar Kancha among others. The producer of 'Bidroha' is Prithivi Rana Magar and the director is Ram Sharan Ghimire. The shooting for the movie will begin after a month or two.

He says, "I am happy to inform you that I was given the liberty to incorporate flavors of music that I like doing without any interruption from people behind this film. That must be the reason why the songs have come out very melodious!" Ah! Seems like he is more than happy to establish himself in Kollywood! Nevertheless, he adds, "Why I didn't continue to compose music for movies after 'Bhannai Sakina' is because I felt I was chained. I realized that people in this business use you and once your work is completed, you are forgotten! I didn’t feel at ease working in this department and since I was not happy I didn’t see any point in continuing my work here."

He further states, "The reason for doing 'Bidroha' is because before I started my work, people behind this venture asked me to work freely and also told me that they would not poke their noses in what I do. I am also sure that people will appreciate the songs on this movie and I am definite that I will be proposed to compose music for many more. Whatsoever, my condition is always going to be the same i.e. no interruption from anyone while I am working! I need space to work…to compose music!" Well said Mr. Alok Shree!

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