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 :: Alok Shree's Samyog… Not Living Upto Expectations
Updated: 12/31/2006
     Alok Shree had released 'Samyog' a couple of months back which featured none other than the Indian ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh. After its release, people had high expectations from it, however, until date, the album has not been doing wonders as such.

In fact, even the first music video "Kun Maya Sadar Bho" from the album directed by Bhusan Dahal and starring the charismatic Rajesh Hamal, at a whopping budget of over three lakhs is not doing the rounds as expected. Maybe we were wrong in expecting more than we should have!

There is another music video "Julkeko Ghan" from the album, which has just been released. According to information received, it was made at a budget of only Rs 80,000 and is directed by Jaswant Dev Shrestha, who informs us that until now he has directed over 80 music videos. He says, "It took us two days to complete the shoot, which we did at Godavari. We used multi camera to make the video more effective. The storyline is very simple and the actors in the video are Pragya Pant and Diwan Upreti. The response so far is good and I am positive that this is going to be a good promotion for the album and hopefully reflect in the sales”!

He also states that "Dil Chorera" will be the next video to hit the TV screens. So far, nothing has been finalized on who would be directing it though.

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